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3 Reasons to go Camping

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Making Forever Memories

What is the deal with camping? Why would you want to put yourself out there at the perils of bad weather, co-sleeping and potential discomfort of any kind? Why do so many people do it over and over? Why do they consider it a holiday?

If you're intrigued but pretty sceptical about the idea trying camping ... read on. We will endeavour to demystify just why camping is the bees knees of holidays and a portal to true happiness.

1- Surface your inner child

Pitching camp is rather a lot like playing house or making a hideout (you choose). It might be dressing up a cosy interior to make it feel snug, safe and organised. Or perhaps its considering the orientation of the tent based on ground-undulation and the direction of the sun. Either way you're getting creative, diffusing your vision and tapping into a sense of play. None of these choices are too hard or taxing but they speak to us on a core level, help us disconnect with our regular routine and set the tone for the next few days. Before you know it you'll be rediscovering the challenge of building log structures in the woods, the thrill of catching a ride on your long-forgotten body-board and rolling on the ground with laughter at your failed attempt to slack-line.

One of the glorious things about going camping is that there are none of the regular things to do or vie for your attention - so you get inventive, try new things and stimulate your imagination. When you do something for the first time, something unique, you are way more likely to create a lasting memory that will have you reminiscing fondly in years to come.

2- Find Challenge and Fulfilment

There is also a wonderful warm feeling you get when you try something that is out of your comfort zone. It might be mastering cooking full family meals over a camp-stove, learning to recognise a few constellations in the night sky, catching a fish for dinner or just rinsing off in the hot water you've harnessed by stringing up a solar shower successfully. It doesn't have to be something monumental, but when we go camping, the nature of the environment lends itself to us being faced with small challenges that leave us feeling a sense of achievement again and again. Even if we don't succeed it feels good that we put ourselves out there and gave it a go - who doesn't want to feel like someone who will challenge themselves and grow from it?

Whats more, when you experience a combination of struggles and successes you are more likely to create a memory. So embrace the challenge and welcome the rewards of fond recollection in the future.

3- Turn off and Tune in

When you get out in nature you are immersed in its sights, smells, sounds and sensations. These work to heighten awareness of your surroundings and draw your attention away from the pull of regular everyday distractions and devices. By the time the sun has set on the first night, I'm willing to bet you will have given yourself over to the experience of being outdoors. You will start to feel better grounded, balanced and instantaneously revived.

By day two, you are more engaged, more in tune and more present with each moment and with the people you are sharing them with. I can't overplay this. Camping trips present you with stories of simultaneously small and momentous moments that become tales and anecdotes that you will relive and retell and in doing so reinforce those memories for fond reminiscence in years to come.

So why do we fall in love with camping?

Because it is good for the soul and a sure fire way to give ourselves the gift of happiness - both in the moment and in our near and far future memories.

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