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Auckland Glamping Wedding

Auckland Glamping Weddings and Celebrations with Camplight


Why Choose Camplight for Your Wedding in Auckland's Scenic Outdoors?

Dreaming of a unique, luxurious outdoor wedding venue? Look no further! Camplight specializes in creating beautiful, comfortable camping experiences that make memories last a lifetime amidst Auckland's scenic outdoors.


Our Philosophy

At Camplight, we believe in cherishing the moments that bring people together. We strive to make your camping experience as luxurious and comfortable as any hotel stay. That's why each of our tents is outfitted with hotel-grade furnishings that add a touch of glamour and magic to any outdoor celebration.

What We Offer


Standard Suites

Accommodate up to six guests with hotel-grade linen, foam mattresses, and floor rugs & mats. We also include up-cycled furniture, floral embellishments, and festoon lighting to ensure a cozy, romantic atmosphere in your own private space.

Bridal Tent

Our Bridal Tent is specially designed for the happy couple. It features a cozy seating area, cushion corner, and champagne table complete with glasses. To make sure you get the best sleep possible, we've included silk pillowcases and a free gift of silk eye masks.


Dressing Room

Get ready for your big day in our exquisite dressing room tent, which includes a full-length mirror, elegant peacock chair, and dressing screen. Whether you're looking to touch up your makeup or have an intimate toast, our dressing room tent offers a comfortable and private space.



All tents come with practical and stylish additions like a mirror, clothes rack, water pitcher & cups, and festoon lighting.


Booking Options

  1. Guaranteed Tent Booking: 50% deposit required, balance due 2 months prior.

  2. Guest Booking Link: This option allows your guests to book and pay directly, and we handle bedding configurations, payments, and other requests.


Site Requirements & FAQs

  • Flat, level, penetrable ground required for each tent.

  • Delivery and public holiday surcharges apply.

  • Set up and pack down included in the price.

  • No minimum tent number, but location may dictate a minimum spend.

  • Delivery fees are not included.

  • Bookings can be changed up to 14 days before the event.

  • Toilets and showers are not provided but can be arranged.

Environmental Responsibility: Our Commitment to Sustainable Glamping


At Camplight, we're not just committed to providing a luxurious camping experience; we're equally committed to protecting Auckland's scenic outdoors that we call our temporary home. That's why we've incorporated a range of sustainable and eco-friendly practices into our operations.

  • Up-Cycled Furniture - We believe in giving new life to old furniture. Most of the furniture used in our tents is up-cycled.

  • Biodegradable Amenities -  From vanity kits to cleaning supplies, we use biodegradable products to ensure that we leave as little impact on the environment as possible.

  • Waste Management - We have a strict waste management policy that includes recycling and composting, aimed at minimising landfill waste.

  • Local Sourcing - Wherever possible, we source our materials and supplies locally, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting local businesses.


By choosing Camplight for your outdoor celebration or wedding, you're not just ensuring a memorable experience for your guests; you're also making a responsible choice for the environment.


Ready to Start Your Adventure?

Don't miss out on making your wedding unforgettable. 

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