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Your Country Wedding

Glamping inspiration for country belles, bohemian souls, festival brides and outdoorsy adventurers .

Honeymoon Tent

At Camplight, we are all about helping people feel welcome, relaxed and special. So we have designed gorgeous, one of a kind glamping tent bedrooms to help the intrepid and cautious alike, to kick back, mellow out and enjoy a night of festivities under twinkly lights and a starry night.

It's all about bringing your people together for a wonderfully authentic celebration of love, family and friendship that will leave you all, joined together, with a shared memory of a lifetime.

There is already so much to plan, we want to take this one off your hands and pop up a suite of rooms, fully furnished for your guests to step into and be wowed.

Camplight tents are unique because they come with all the little touches that elevate these gorgeous, canvas bell tents into a stunning backdrop to your wedding. With floral accents, luxury linen and one of a kind handmade and up-cycled elements, we create a sense of luxury and nostalgia that will make your guests feel pampered in way that they might not expect from a night camping.

We aim to take all your guests needs into consideration. We use thick foam mattresses, so no-one will wake up on a cold hard floor. Earplugs for a silent sleep. We provide water carafes and cups for every tent so sleepers can refresh after a night of indulgence. Each tent will have a small vanity area with mirror, towels and toiletries to freshen up and a clothes rack for delicate clothing. If the night is cool we provide extra blankets to cosy up in and soft lighting to illuminate the space in a golden glow as the sun sets.

If that is not enough, our bridal tent is extra special. With an extra height roof, sitting area, champagne table and cosy pillow corner, this tent is a stunning space for the bridal couple to retreat and reflect.

With lantern light, a king size bed, beautiful bedding, silk pillowcases and eye-masks, the first night of married life will be luxuriously romantic. We love to personalise this space, so if you have special dreams you'd like to see realised, let us know.

Make the most of every minute of your special day, take care of your loved ones and set the scene for the ultimate free spirited wedding with the Camplight glamping hotel.

Real Camplight Weddings

Thanks to each of these (and all the other) lovely couples who have shared their special day with us.

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