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Sneak Peak at our Bell Tent Slumber Party

Planning a party for the ones we love can be so much fun, but also (lets be honest) pretty overwhelming, especially if you're aiming for a bit of the beaten track wow-factor. With our Slumber Party package we want to take a load off your plate by creating a beautiful pop-up space that instantly sets the scene for a cosy night of fun and friendship.

We get that it's a bit different, and people maybe don't know (or believe) quite how much they'll get with this rather gorgeous package ... So here is a close up look at the sleepover to beat all sleepovers.


Our absolutely, incontestably beautiful bell tents are the best quality cotton canvas. Just like cotton sheets or clothes, this makes them breathable yet warm. They feel good to be in, they are light and airy and with a tall pitched canopy, feel spacious and luxurious. Pitching one of these, even in your backyard instantly creates an air of anticipation, occasion and escapism... Whats even better... we do it for you, so you can play bake-off while we take care of the heavy lifting.

Sleepovers are all about getting in your slacks and cotching with your besties. You'll find no plasticy, deflating and disappointing air mattresses here, we take soft furnishings very seriously in our slumber packages. Cushions, throw pillows, snuggly blankets and thick foam beds mean you can get your comfy on, whether you're playing pampering, watching a movie or telling spooky stories by torchlight.


When we're planning a party, especially one that takes your guests out of the house, we worry about the forecast and whether we'll have to ditch the plan and take the party indoors. You don't need to worry about that with a Camplight Slumber. They may be pretty, but Camplight tents are built for a life in the wilderness, all seasons and climates. Auckland downpours will only add to the excitement and magic of the night.

And what if it's too hot? Yeah, we got you covered. The doors and windows of our slumber tents have a second bug-proof mesh skin so that you can unzip them all and let the cooler currents flow without the worry of a face full of nibbles. Phew!


We don't theme our Slumber packages, but we have designed a choice of classic-looks that can stand alone or can be build upon to personalise your party. We have a few choices for linen and can add or remove elements like bunting, macrame, garlands and florals. There is something to suit every occasion, just get chatting with us about your vision and we'll be able to find the best fit.

Depending on your plan for the night, you might want to add in some personal touches to create a theme... pamper packages, fairy flower garlands, wilderness survival kits, jungle plants, boho chic, some cheeky hens trinkets... thats all over to you but we make sure there is time for you to go in and do your thing before the event.


No way! Why should they have all the fun? Our Slumber Parties are fully adult appropriate. The full size beds are super comfy and there is plenty of space for us fully grown folk to stand up and stretch out. We believe it's so important to make the time and space to have fun, no matter what your age. Age is no barrier to sleepovers, so pull out your pjs and start making calls to your mates!


We've designed our Camplight Slumber Party package to be self-sufficient and eco-friendly. Our rather lovely festoon lights and hanging lanterns are solar powered and our vintage BareBones lanterns come fully charged to see you through the night and well beyond. The true magic of a sleepover happens when the sun goes down and the ambience of camp light burns into the darkness.


Our wilderness, camping motto flows through to our business values. When, after an cosy night they'll never forget, the last guests go home, our team will come and pack away all the gear, leaving the space clean and clear with only memories of the magic of the party night under canvas (and perhaps a marshmallow hangover).


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