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3 Reasons to Have Glamping at your Wedding or Event

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

If you're hosting an outdoors event or just planning for your celebration to spill out under the stars, pop-up, glamping accomodation is a really easy way to host guests on-site and in style. Here's why:

A Blank Canvas -

The popularity of pop-up glamping in the humbly beautiful Bell Tent has exploded in recent years and for good reason! They are so versatile and add a practical and rather lovely solution to comfy accomodation for a huge range of celebrations and events.

They are so versatile because they are a literal blank canvas that can fit the feel and theme of almost any occasion. So if it's a corporate, formal, festival, country, bohemian, historic, eco, family, wellness or hipster gathering... a glamping village will fit right in and ensure every one of your guests is uniquely accommodated for.

A glamping village is also totally scaleable and personalise-able. So whether you're hosting 30 or 300 families, friends or clients, you can tailor it to suit the unique needs of your event and you individual guests. All you need is the land, and even this doesn't have to fit a mould.

Time and again, glamping has been shown to work well whether articulating immaculate lawns, dressing up rural family land, nestled amongst the vines, pitched in regional park campgrounds or decorating the grounds of a hired venue. Regardless of the site, these classic canvas tents lend themselves to the landscape of your event. Picture perfect.

Party Through the Weekend -

Your event is super special, you've spent months planning and pulling together all the details. Some of your guests may have travelled to be there with you. It's a big deal and you want to make the most of every minute.

Whats awesome about giving your guests a comfy place to crash on-site is that the party can go on through the night and into the next day. No late night Uber's, or prearranged shuttles to whisk people away before they are ready, or you have had chance to spend time with them.

Having onsite camping can also make it easier for families or older guests to give themselves over to the festivities. Without the worry of getting back for bedtime, they can let the evening see where it takes them knowing its a short hop to a cosy place to tuck in for the night.

After you've let loose into the wee hours, you can come back together to mill about, share a hot brew and have a good chat. Life is short, its so special to make the most of every moment we're together.

Ecological and Economical

Glamping doesn't have to cost the earth. The CampLight Village starts at just $120 per person for two nights accomodation which is totally in reach for most people. It's cheaper and easier than booking a suite of hotel rooms and gives you so much more in way of special time with your guests and awesome memories.

Glamping is not camping but it takes many of the best things about camping - the excitement of sleeping outdoors, stargazing in the small hours, a sense of harmony and connection with the land. But with comfy foam beds, hotel grade luxury linen, clothes racks, solar lighting and phone charging and so much more everyone should feel comfy and confident about getting a great night's sleep and having a truly memorable retreat experience amidst the festivities of your event.

And when it's all over, the glamping village is neatly packed up and taken away, leaving only the shadows of fun had and memories made.

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