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Easy Peasy Pop up Glamping

At CampLight, we believe that camping is truly good for the soul, but it can be a lot to organise and pack up, especially if you want to make it super comfortable. We want to make it easier to get out and go camping and take a break from the business of life. We want for you to be able to relax and enjoy the beauty of the people and place around you. So, to take the stress out of organising your next camping trip, we provide a range of fully furnished glamping tents that we will pre-pitch at your chosen camping site.


Recently, it's been harder than usual to shake up the routine and make some quality time with each other. Perhaps you have an anniversary, a birthday, a proposal, elopement, or just date night you're planning and you want to make a gesture of love and appreciation. A weekend together, under canvas, with so many home comforts can create a truly memorable space to relax and reconnect.

Our couples package includes a super comfy, premium foam king bed, white-washed picnic table for two, canvas chairs, cosy floor cushions, wool rug and florals lit by truly ambient lantern light in a 5m organic cotton Pro-canvas Bell Tent.


Take discomfort, hassle and worry out of family camping by having a beautiful Emperor Tent all set up and prepared for you with space enough to inside to play inside if the weather turns. This gorgeous set up will provide comfortable, cosy and warm beds for two adults and up to four children and still have some space left over to gather around a coffee table and draw, play boardgames or serve up morning tea. We want for you to be able to experience the joy of camping with your kids, sharing with them the adventure and wonder of this beautiful land. So if you are new to camping, are time-poor or just want to make some special time for the family, this is a great option for you.

This package is customisable to your family, so let us know your priorities, and we'll tailor the set up to work best for you. As standard, the package included the 6x4m tent, floor mats, door mat, coat rack, shoe basket, bin, beds and bedding for the whole family (choose between King and Single), coffee table, lantern and fairy lights, canvas chairs and throw pillows. Just pack clothes, food and some fun toys and choose a site with hot showers and kitchen facilities for easy, peasy comfy camping.


If you want to get together with your best buddies for a truly memorable moment in time, consider a pre-pitched friends glamping package, at home or away, for an affordable and unique experience together.

We have had to spend so much time being distant from the people in our lives that just get us, make us laugh and make life oh so much more fun. More than ever we can appreciate what a huge impact our friends have in our lives and how special it is to get to kick back and just be a bit silly. There is nothing quite like camping with your pals to get you back into your own skin, feeling balanced, supported and well, happy. Negotiating a group of people's schedules isn't always that easy... so with a pre-pitched package, people can show up when they can and get straight to relaxing and catching up.

Our friends package is entirely flexible, takes the drama out of organising anything other than food and clothes and is a super cool way to bring you back together. Let us know where, when and for how many and we will pre-pitch your camp so you can rock up, pop open a bottle of something yummy and get straight to the important stuff, each other!

So how does it work?

1- Tell us about your trip. Is it a romantic weekend under the sun and stars, or a family adventure? let us know a few details and we can tailor the package to suit you. Let us know your date, so we can ensure availability. We put all our care and attention to each and every, bespoke booking, so get in touch to secure a date.

2- Choose a site to pitch. There are some amazing local campgrounds in the Regional Parks or the Council Campgrounds. These clearly detail what facilities are available on the site. Choose from those more self-sufficient sites if you have your own portable cooking gear, or choose one that has hot showers, kitchens, playgrounds and wifi... Or stay home, lots of our bookings are a super fun and special weekend camping at home with all your usual comforts and no need to plan at all!

3- Included in the cost of our furnished packages is the cost of us packing, pitching and then packing away all the gear. So you don't have to lift a finger. The only other cost to consider is transport which is based on distance. You arrive to a pre-pitched camp and settle straight into holiday mode. When it comes time to leave, you won't need to waste a moment packing down the camp, we'll be there to sort out all of that for you.

Get in touch to talk more about making it happen or follow us on Pinterest, Facebook or Insta to get inspired.

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