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Budget Glamping with CampLight

If you are looking to get creative with camping or want a glamping adventure on a budget this post is for you!

We are so proud of our DIY options because they make the whole glamping experience accessible to people who are keen to get stuck in and get creative, want a group or family experience without the price-tag or have their own vision for making memories under canvas.

We get it and we've probably been there ... you love the glamping dream but don't have the storage space or finances to make the investment of your own gear viable, you want to try before you buy, maybe give the kids a budget adventure, perhaps make a personalised romantic gesture or throw a party with a vision that only you can pull together on your budget. Life has so many moments where you might consider diy pitching a totally beautiful canvas tent that doesn't cost you the earth. So whether it's a family camping trip or a picture-perfect hen's party, if you're game, and want to keep costs down, we've got your back.

Our DIY Click and Collect Hire options are so popular, because they give people to scope to get impulsive, get playful and make memories. And we just love seeing the adventures they have whilst they're out on the road!

So how does it work?

Simply put...

Imagine it

Maybe you need a grand vision, maybe not, just let us know if there is more you might need than the tent. We are here to help make your memories of CampLight magical.

Pick your date and location

If we've learnt one thing from this business its that there are some seriously amazing places to pitch, near or far. Some are just awesome campgrounds, regional parks, DOC sites but some are even more personal - family land, family secrets or just your own backyard. It doesn't have to be hard, it doesn't have to be far, but it can be if thats where the moment takes you. Our DIY click and collect packages can hit the road with you just so long as they make it home on time.

Choose what gear do you need

We have a couple of tent sizes and styles to suit your plans. We also offer furnished DIY packages including beds, bedding, floor mats, tables, lanterns and chairs. The options can flex according to you vehicle capacity. And if you do need anything more, just let us know and we can look to create you a personalised DIY package to make your experience easy and affordable.

Pick-up from our Auckland Storage Facility and you're all go

Arrange a time that suits to pop over to Rosedale and collect your gear. We send you how to videos and include pitch instructions so you feel confident you know what to do. Spoiler alert ... its super easy to pitch a Bell Tent and only takes about 15mins. Then its all yours to personalise! Over to you.

Looking for inspiration? Just head to our Camplight Loves Pinterest Board or @Camplightnz on Instagram to start dreaming your glamping experience today.

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