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Light your way with the Barebones Forest Lantern. We’ve refreshed the features of beloved vintage-inspired light to provide a seamless experience. Functional updates improve durability and convenience, offering greater confidence and allowing you to sink into your outdoor experience freed from distraction.


Push-button on/off function
Easier access to rechargeable battery
Micro-USB port for charging lantern
Removed phone charger for longer battery life

BareBones Forest Light (Red)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Warm ambient LED light
    4-80+ hours run time, depending on setting
    Rechargeable Li-Ion battery via micro USB
    Recharge time 4-6 hrs
    Available in antique bronze and red

  • LED: 5 Watt Cree
    Light Spectrum: 3000K
    Lumens: 220
    Battery: (2) 8W Lithium-Ion Cell
    Recharge Time: 4-6 Hours
    Run Time: 3-80+ Hours (depending on setting)
    Input: 5V, Up to 1A Max

    15cm x 24cm x 15cm

    Stamped Steel

    Items Included
    1 Forest Lantern
    Charging Cord

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